Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

This is what I made this weekend - in fact mostly on Saturday - it felt very productive to get them made (even if not written and posted) before the last posting day - something that doesn't always happen - indeed last year I didn't get around to making any new ones at all - so lots of people ended up without one from me - sorry!

I made these in a similar way to the ones I made in 2006 (first stage, final ones) and indeed looked at and was again inspired by this tutorial. I got carried away adding bits and bobs before they were all cut up which meant I ended up having to cut some of the shiny confetti pieces and of course add more later. I also found it much easier to tape them into the cards than glue them. Quite a lot of my potential cards didn't have windows so I used a square hole card punch to make them.

Last time I used stamps on tissue to put greetings inside and I did something similar this time - I like the effect of a couple of layers of tissue although it does mean more glue and mess! At least Pritt stick was all that was necessary for the tissue.

Anyone else making cards?


Dru Marland said...

v nice

O lord, I usually do my own cards and this year am running v late indeed.I shall draw inspiration from you. As it were.

Caroline said...

Dru - thanks - good luck - as I said I failed totally last year so I know how its possible to not get them made... this year the first two cards we got were handmade ones... some people are much more organised than I am!

Anji said...

I'm always late. We send out vintage postcards, New Year greetings as Christmas postcards were very rare over here.

Tinker said...

They're lovely, Caroline!
I still haven't mailed anything...