Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Photograph Orbs

Jim's Waterfall Photo
Jim's Icicle Photo

To get orbs it helps to use a compact camera with its flash on.

Then go into a dusty atmosphere, or rain, or underwater, or a swarm of midges, or pollen - if you can't find them you can make your own:

Backscatter from Dust

The above was after shaking a dusty rug in the air.

The next are from water droplets sprayed into the air:

Backscatter from Water 2

Backscatter from Water 3

Backscatter from Water 4

Backscatter from Water 1

And maybe you can see the backscatter from flour here:

Backscatter from Flour

Update: It just started to rain so I got this:

Flashy Rain


Genie Sea said...

Very mischievous and ingenious!:)

Caroline said...

Genie - me mischievous? ;-)

Suzie Ridler said...

It's true! You can easily create orbs. I love it when they show up on their own. I am particularly amazed they only showed up in the restaurant in one area where ghosts have been seen wandering the staircase.

A lot of people use them as the only means of providing a ghost's existence and that's crazy! So easy to fake.

Cool post!

Caroline said...

Suzie - glad you thought so - as someone who feels and talks to ghosts and lots of other things not accepted scientifically it does worry me when people assume something like this is considered "proof" when it won't stand up.

Mind you I do my best to free ghosts - most don't want to hang around - they've just got left behind...

Anji said...

I like these - and they are so simple to do!

Dru Marland said...

Like the Cottingley fairies but with a more timeless quality. Well, time will tell on that. I suppose.

Tinker said...

There are orbs - and then there are Orbs...

(I have more to share about that later, as it's my youngest's b-day, and I have to go for now)

Andrew said...

I thought you may want to see my discussion of photographing orbs along with a couple sample photos.

Best regards,

Andrew Gentile