Friday, March 14, 2008


Knight of the Woods
Thanks to Kittykatfish for the ttv layer

The most valuable gesture I know isn't an internal one, its one that's clearly visible on a face - a smile. Smiling can be tough when you feel the need to don your armour and fight the world but it really does change one's inner reality to smile at the world instead.



Tony LaRocca said...

AArgh, your jester puppet is giving me the evil "red diamond" eye!

Anonymous said...


tinker said...

The world is smiling with you, Caroline :)

Caroline said...

Tony - :-)

Anonymous - :------)))))

Tinker - thank you xOx

Tony LaRocca said...

I know you've been back a while, but have I mentioned how good it is to have you back?

merlinprincesse said...

Hello Caroline! :O)

Caroline said...

Tony - thanks - I've not been back at full pelt really and probably won't be... but I'm very glad to be back to the extent I am! Thank you.

Merlinprincesse - :-)